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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  May 22, 2013 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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of normalcy. >> thank you. moore, oklahoma, our coverage continues right now with "fox & friends." >> sun coming up soon. >>gretchen: good morning everybody. it is wednesday, may 22, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. thank you for sharing part of your day with us today. the oklahoma tornado 600 times the impact of an atomic bomb. now we know why many of those kids did not survive. the schools in tornado alley didn't have a shelter. we're live on the ground with the very latest. >>steve: the department of justice versus fox news. new details this morning on the administration's seizure of personal e-mail and phone records from fox news employees. where will the long arm of the government reach next? we're with going to talk about that. >>brian: we've got three hours to go over it. the ex-army officer who screams allah akbar as he fires bullets that rips
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through american soldiers at fort hood is still getting a paycheck from you. yes, the taxpayer. we'll examine who is it and who's waiting as he gets it. "fox & friends" starts now. ♪ ♪ >>gretchen: good morning everybody. thanks for sharing your time today. we're going to tell you about startling statistics coming out of that tornado in oklahoma. 600 times more powerful than the atomic bomb that leveled hiroshima. the monster storm mother nature whipped up being call an f-5 with wind speeds of 210 miles per hour. this morning new video of panicked and reliefved parents searching for their children at the plaza tower elementary school.
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so many people wondering why did the schools, including plaza towers, not have a safe room. we now know it's because the school simply did not have the funds. >>steve: also this morning, we're getting a fresh new look at what an ef-5 tornado can do. look at that. for more we turn to anna kooiman who is live on the scene in moore this morning. >> good morning to you, good morning to everybody at home. the sheer strength of an ef-5 tornado demonstrated right here. these cars you see, these are trucks and s.u.v.'s like this red one have been chewed up and spit out by the tornado that came through. unbelievable. this area of moore is actually a new area, rebuilt after the infamous may 3, 1999, tornado. over here we're told a post office was somewhere in
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this vicinity, a bowling alley. i want you to take a look at a before picture, before monday. it's just unbelievable. the residents here who have built their lives with their families and had amazing moments and memories here, they say they can hardly even recognize this place. take a listen. >> this is my hometown. this is where i was born and raised, and now there's nothing left. >> when you turn into my neighborhood, it pretty much looks like a war zone, like an atomic bomb went off. >> i want to you take a look over here at this billboard. the advertisement has pretty much been sucked off of there and then part of it is also, the metal is wrapped around. it's pretty much everywhere you turn, guys. i wanted to mention too that federal and state officials have set up disaster recovery centers or d.r.c.'s with food and water and information for these people. also emergency operators, they have had a hard time figuring out left from
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right, up from down because landmarks are completely gone. street signs are missing. they've got g.p.s.'s and smart phones they're relying on. we have heard from the fire chief of moore county. he says they checked all the damaged homes at least one time, in some cases double and triple checking those homes. they do not expect to pull any more survivors or dead bodies from the rubble. an amazing sight this morning. as the sun comes up we'll be bringing more pictures. >>steve: as we're learning more about what happened inside those schools, some of the real heroes have got to be known as the teachers. some of these teachers who were able to save the lives of the children when the first responders came in, their bodies were actually on top of the kids. it is amazing. those teachers down there absolute heroes. >>gretchen: other stories making headlines. she said she would rather die than spend the rest of her life in prison.
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now jodi arias is begging for her life. which one is it? she is now trying to convince the jury to spare the death penalty. in an interview with fox she explains why. >> when my mother visited me the following week she reiterated that point, not to lose hope. please don't give up. the way she said it made me realize how much it would hurt them if anything happened to me. >>gretchen: arias told the jury if she lives she'll donate her hair, teach women prisoners how to read and start a recycling program. she also held up a survivor t-shirt saying all sales would fund victims of domestic abuse. deliberations start again this afternoon. a major development out of benghazi. u.s. officials kweurpblg to fox news there are 18 suspects wanted for that deadly attack. intelligence officials have been monitoring them for months. a military source says we do have enough information to conduct a military strike for the main suspect but the f.b.i. does not have enough evidence to try the suspect in a civilian
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court under the obama's guidelines. osama bin laden burial pictures going to stay secret. the release of the images could cause exceptionally grave harm to americans. it said the photos are graphic and gruesome. judicial watch said it may appeal that ruling. he resigned in disgrace after sending explicit photos of himself to women on-line. former democratic congressman anthony weiner officially entering the race now for new york city mayor. >> i made some big mistakes and i know i let a lot of people down, but i've also learned tough lessons. i'm running for mayor because i've been fighting for the middle class my entire life. >>gretchen: in this campaign ad, weiner focuses on his wife and young child. the campaign already goofed. the video went on-line hours before the campaign
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intended to release it. and those are your headlines. >>brian: if you are at fox you might have picked up the phone and heard a double click on the other side. sometimes you might have seen your mouths move even though you hadn't touched your mouths. why? over the last few years it turns out the department of justice was probing into fox news phone numbers as well as james rosen and who knows how many more because they had to get to the bottom of the leaks they thought that we were pursuing as a company. however, "the new york times" pursues the details. the president has to kill this. i don't care who started that story. let's find out who leaked it to them. >>gretchen: he said this yesterday when it was revealed that james rosen, all of his records, including his parents who live in staten island, apparently were on the list as well.
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we were supposing yesterday that it probably wasn't just one reporter that the government was listening in on. how deep is this thing going to go is my question. >>steve: here's what happened. in 2009 when he did report on that, they found the person who had given him the information and they're prosecuting him. he's pled not guilty. then what they did is they went before a judge and they had a department of justice affidavit that said that mr. rosen was -- there was probable cause because he could be either an aider, an abeter or coconspirator. keep in mind, it's not illegal for a reporter to go out and get information. but they had to call him a potential criminal to get the judge to say okay, let's open up all of those fox records. kirsten powers makes a great point. she wrote about it yesterday in "the daily beast" and on special report last night. there are a lot of leakers in the investigation but they are different than whistle-blowers.
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listen. >> i haven't seen the president express real outrage other than giving lip service to it. you have to remember we're focused on the media because we're media, but there are a lot of regular people who are whistle-blowers who have had their lives turned upside down by this administration. the same administration who said they treat whistle-blowers as criminals but people who leak information like stux net or the kill list or osama bin laden are heroes because they make president obama look like some super human protector of america. everything is completely upside down here. >>brian: why doesn't she get the white house records and find out where they're calling rather than trying to do a broad sweep on every news operation that has an intriguing story. ann coulter had a great point on hannity. he said when dana priest broke the story about the secret with our allies and we were getting information
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about future hits on america, when that was blown up, everything is turned upside down, we started investigating the c.i.a., she gets an award. what happens to james rosen? his mom's phones get tapped. >>gretchen: you asked the question why don't they just look at the white house records. because people would say this is a way to try to stop the press from reporting the story. >>steve: stop fox. >>gretchen: now cheryl at kinson is saying she had weird involvement with her computer. she was one of the main people in the mainstream media who talked about the benghazi story. she says they were sensitive to some of the stories that she continued to pursue. now her computer -- this -- if you think this is going to be one or two reporters, it's not. this is going to become a pattern. >>steve: here's the bad news for the white house.
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look who is critical of that today. another chilling leak investigation writes "the new york times" on the editorial page. they say with the decision to label a fox news television reporter a possible co-conspirator in a criminal investigation of a news leak, the obama administration has moved beyond protecting government secrets to threatening the fundamental freedoms of the press to gather news. this is big that the "new york times" would come out in defense of fox and against the white house. >>brian: 11 minutes after the hour. something else is happening today. the oversight committee back in action pursuing the i.r.s. and pursuing their focus on the tea party organizations and the patriot organizations like that to try to find out who targeted them, who told them to do it and why they did it. today lois lerner is going to go up there and talk about everything she learned and why she commissioned her people to pursue only conservative/tea party organizations. >>gretchen: she is going to look a lot like mark
6:12 am
mcgwire. she is going to say i'm not here to talk about the past. you're being sarcastic. what she's going to do is claim the fifth, folks. she's going to come up and say nothing, and her lawyer has said if you continue to call her today, it's going to be embarrassing for her. but the committee said guess what, we're still going to call her. charles krauthammer says when you take the fifth, there's sometimes an implication that a crime has occurred. >> everybody is outraged. everybody knows what the i.r.s. can do, and everybody is afraid of it. second, because you now have somebody that will plead the fifth. in a court of law the jury is not supposed to interpret that as hiding something but this isn't a court of law and this isn't a jury. the fact that you have a democratic senate who is leading all this who yesterday submitted over 40 questions about the i.r.s. scandal and said i have a suspicion there is a lot here we don't know, this
6:13 am
thing is going to go on and it could be fatal. pwroeupb here's the -- >>brian: as you take the fifth, you could look guilty. >>steve: we heard from the current acting director of the i.r.s., he said nothing illegal was done. if nothing illegal was done, lois, tell the truth. >>brian: her lawyer says she hasn't committed any crime but under present circumstances she has no choice. therefore, i call on darrell issa not to call on her today. he says she could be changing her mind. straight ahead, the green room is packed with three hours'orth of guests. >>grchen: tkupbgt i.r.s. scandal -- did you think the i.r. scandal couldn't get worse? a government employee acsed of going on a shopping see with her credit card. >>steve: we told you the tornado that flattened oklama wasore powfu than an atomic bomb in hiroshima. coming up a guest who shot
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>>gretchen: 17 minutes at the top of the hour. look at this video. experts confirming the tornado was an ef-5. even career storm chasers
6:18 am
say this tornado was like nothing they have seen before. one of them who shot the video that is being played all around the world is my guest this morning. good morning to you, chris. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >>gretchen: you're a resident of oklahoma. you chase storms all over the place. when you saw this one coming, did you know it was going to go down in the history books just from the outset? >> you know, when it first touched down, we didn't think so. it didn't look like a very large tornado, but it got very big very fast and immediately it was apparent that it was going to be very destructive. there was so much debris in the air. we knew it was going to be an historic storm. >>gretchen: we're watching the video on the right that you shot. how far away were you from the storm? >> something like a mile, maybe a little bit less from the tornado when it crossed the road. it came into the city of moore. soon after it came in we immediately went into the city to try to help as much as we could with recovery
6:19 am
because we knew it was very destructive in the city. >>gretchen: i found it interesting when i was reading your notes to prepare for this this morning that oftentimes we don't think about people like you who are storm chasers emotionally getting involved in this but share with us the emotions you felt when you saw that destruction happening. >> it's really hard to describe. we saw the debris and the tornado. it gives you a sick feeling because you know people's lives are being affected. getting on the ground and into this area where we are now right after the storm, it does make you quite emotional. it just seemed just the pain -- just seeing the pain and suffering the people are going through, the medical triages out, people walking around confused, quite a sight to see, quite disturbing. >>gretchen: i was on the ground in 1999 in moore when this tornado happened. you were 18 years old at the time.
6:20 am
how would you compare in your mind the two storms. >> the destruction right after the 1999 tornado was so intense, so great. this tornado was about the only time i've seen destruction that could compare. this was just a monster storm and so was the 19 # 9 storm. but the city of moore recovered after 1999 and they will recover again. >>gretchen: that is a fantastic way to leave it there. they recovered once. they'll do it again. you have to keep that spirit of human optimism alive. chris mcbee, thanks for joining us. he screamed allah akbar as he shot american soldrs at fort hood and he's still getting a paycheck, big one from the u.s. taxpayer. the woman at the center of the i.r.s. scandal says she she is going to stay silent
6:21 am
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>>gretchen: quick headlines for you now. brand-new photos showing the chaotic scene after the 2011 shooting massacre. police used a white board to write information about the investigation and suspect jarred loughner. >> a suspect for shooting two girls in iowa was found dead. one girl is still missing, her friend managed to escape. the registered sex offender
6:25 am
reportedly took the girls on monday. police believe he killed himself. >>steve: she is the internal revenue service official most closely linked to the scandal to target conservatives. but when lois lerner raises her hand and swears on the bible and testifies on capitol hill today, she won't reveal a thing. >>brian: she's going to take the fifth. does that mean this investigation going to say a lot more by not saying anything. >> what you're going to see is ms. lerner stand up and plead the fifth. you'll get that magic moment on camera. then the guys in congress are going to ask the questions. they are going to say who told you to target conservatives? who told you to pass liberal groups. who told you to give the president's brother a pass? who told you to do all of those things? having done all of those things, who did you tell
6:26 am
that you were doing this? and in 2011, when ms. lerner reversed her decision and said maybe we shouldn't keep on targeting groups by their name like tea party or patriot, maybe we should stop doing that, who reversed her? because it was back in place in 2012. we're not going to get the answers, but those questions will be posed and it will look terrible when she stands up and says "i plead the fifth." >>steve: what we have heard is she has admitted she's lousy at math, great for somebody at the i.r.s., what we have learned in the last 24 hours is the white house keeps changing the story. the president didn't know. the chief of staff found out. the white house counsel yesterday there was the revelation that apparently white house staff and treasury coordinated the message of all this bad stuff. >> it gets earlier and earlier when the white house or people in the white house knew about this scandal, knew what was
6:27 am
going on and knew that it was going to surface. >>steve: everybody but the president. >> you've got plausible detphaoeublt. this is an -- deniability, an expression from the clinton days because the white house's counsel knew. >>brian: did you get anything from shulman and steven miller together? he basically said i'm ultimately responsible but i knew nothing about it and shulman was a bush appointee. >> you get nothing. how many times did those senators ask questions and i can't answer that one. i'm sorry, i'm not familiar with the facts. meanwhile, the suspicion is growing that somehow or other the obama administration used the spha sheenry of government -- used the machinery of government to get itself reelected in 2012 whether it was the i.r.s. or knocking out car dealerships that belonged to republicans. one way or the other did they use the machinery of government to promote the
6:28 am
president's own political interests and suppress conservatives. >>steve: it does look to a lot of people like big government out of control. we'll be watching you on fox business in about three hours from now. >> at the moment i take the fifth. >>brian: then it will be kind of boring. >> then it will not be boring. >>brian: because you get questions, no answers. i was trying to wrap you up and you're attacking me. unbelievable. >>steve: straight ahead, two people dead and more in the hospital but doctors can't figure out what's wrong with them. the mystery illness sweeping through one state and could be spreading further. >>brian: his alleged victims won't be able to pay their medical bills but the alleged shooter is still cashing his government checks from behind bars. behind bars. what's wrong with this. have aooood night. here youou go. you, , too. i'm goining to dream about t that steaka.
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>>gretchen: welcome back. our top story, more oklahoma looking like a war zone and now we're learning that deadly tornado packed more power than an tomorrowic bomb. the twister -- atomic bomb. >>steve: crews combed through the rubble at least once and say they're confident no other victims are buried underneath. 24 people were killed
6:33 am
including 9 children. brand-new video shows terrified students emerging from briarwood elementary school moments after the twister hit. >>brian: a second school also directly hit by the tornado. seven students died at plaza towers elementary. today we learned neither school had safe rooms because the district, they say, could not afford it. >>gretchen: our next guest called moore, oklahoma, home for most of his life. he returned yesterday to survey the damage. joining us now is oklahoma congressman tom cole. what do you make of the reports that some of these schools did not have these safe rooms and so far the reasoning seems to be because of funding?
6:34 am
>> well, partly they're older schools too. that's a comparatively new phenomena and so a lot of our newer schools do have them. they're still very secure facilities. the schools themselves were the safest buildings in their immediate neighborhood. you can look at what happened to the houses around them. honestly i think there are calls on the state legislature to look at upgrading this or federal funds available. a lot of that has been done recently but tragically this was not one of the areas that was upgraded. it is an awful, awful thing. >>steve: i'm sure that's going to be addressed when things get back to normal. >>brian: it's not going to be back to normal in your hometown for awhile. this wasn't just you as an observer watching the news. when the tornado hit your wife ellen and your son mason were there in moore; right? >> my son, fortunately, was a little bit south of here. he was fine. my wife certainly was here. we barely missed the one in
6:35 am
99. this went to the south. it's just one of those things where we were lucky and other people weren't. >>brian: you were one of the people when sandy hit on the east coast, not worried about offsets. you said got to get money to these people. it could be hitting your community soon. that's certainly something you feel as you look around right now and they say it's worse than even hiroshima. >> well, i always believe in trying to be prudent and doing the very best you can. i think most members do try to do that. but once a disaster happens, we can fight about the money and how to pay for things after the fact. i think i learned that lesson the hard way in the oklahoma city bombing when i was secretary of state and working with frank keating. we got tremendous help. we needed the help then and got it massively.
6:36 am
we're getting great help now. we'll try to be prudent around it. people don't waste money here, but they need to help. >>gretchen: congressman, if you could talk about the human spirit of the people in oklahoma as we close the interview. you just brought up the oklahoma city bombing. just the massive storms and the destruction, the oklahoma city, what's it going to take to rebuild your hometown of moore? >> well, we'll figure out the costs. you rebuild with people, not with money. we've got the best people in the world. they're tough, they're tenacious, they're compassionate. they help one another. oklahomaans do that. but honestly, so do americans. we get trillion -- we get tremendous help from around the country when we're in a situation like this. frankly, i think when other americans are in the same boat, we try to be helpful back. again, i think we've got the spirit. there's no talk of not rebuilding and not putting this town back together. we've got great local leadership. our mayor was the mayor in
6:37 am
1999. our city manager was the city manager in 1999. we've got a great governor in mary fallin. we've got great people and they'll put their lives and homes and businesses back together. they just need a little help while getting back on their feet. >>steve: congressman tom cole reporting from his hometown in oklahoma. >>brian: the threats of severe weather remains today. maria molina is in the weather center with an update. >> good morning. today's risk is not as high as yesterday or the last couple of days. we're still looking at a slight chance of severe storms anywhere from the northwest parts of georgia to sections of the northeast. if you live in vermont or buffalo, new york, you could be seeing severe weather. that includes cleveland, cincinnati and nashville. slight chance you could see thunderstorms that could produce damaging wind gusts in excess of 60 miles per
6:38 am
hour. large hail would be possible in that area. part of the reason we have that chance for severe weather in addition to that storm system that's moving through is that warm air ahead of it, we're talking 80s, even up upper 8s, like in d.c. i believe your high temperature is forecast to be 88 degrees. in memphis, atlanta, 86 for your high temperature in the city of new orleans. otherwise steve, gretchen and brian, the weather for moore, oklahoma, high temperatures in the 80's, relatively quiet. thursday and friday a chance again for showers and storms. >>steve: now let's talk a little bit about the fort hood shooter, nadal hassan, the guy accused of shooting 13 people. should be terror but it's not. he's been sitting in jail ever since 2009, and a dallas television station did the math.
6:39 am
turns out since then he has been sitting in the jail collecting his salary, which he is entitled to under the military code of justice, to the tune of $28-- to the tune of $278,000. >>gretchen: the only way that would be suspended is if he's found guilty. you juxtapose that to the victims who because it is labeled workplace violence do not get the same kind of benefits they would get had it been called terrorism. sergeant munley has thoughts about that. >> the ones in the military who have been hurt and injured not just by bullets but even by having ptsd from the incident they are
6:40 am
not receiving benefits as if they were in a combat zone or injured in 9/11. they're out of the army, pretty much got kicked out of the army and having to pay out of pocket for medical care. if it were to be reclassified as a terrorist attack, then they would be entitled to full medical benefits and not have to pay out of pocket and be also entitled to the purple heart award. >>brian: that's key. by the way, when they start presenting the case you'll see a direct tie to anwr al alawaki. you cannot prove that case, try that case at the same time call it workplace violence. i don't even know the approach to the prosecution unless you bring up the terror attacks. >>steve: he wound up with free legal aid, so he's not paying his lawyer.
6:41 am
but the government has paid him, that man, $278,000. >>brian: at least he's forced to live his life in the wheelchair at the very at least. >>gretchen: one reason maybe they don't want to classify it as a terrorist because maybe people will tie it to the fact that they knew he was a threat. >>brian: everyone knows. >>gretchen: we've got a lot of stories like that going on with the government now. >>steve: the man who led the investigation into the benghazi attacks about to take the hot seat on capitol hill, but not voluntarily. he had to be subpoenaed. so can we trust the ambassador? >>brian: he did say he wanted to come forward and the white house didn't want him to. >>gretchen: do you think the i.r.s. scandal, when you think it couldn't get worse, it does. a high-ranking official accused of going on a shopping spree with her government credit card.
6:42 am
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6:46 am
i.r.s.? a criminal report shows an employee allegedly went on a a year-long shopping spree with a government credit card. >>steve: this man led the investigation into the benghazi attack and the white house said he did a good job. but when capitol hill came calling, veteran diplomat thomas pickering seemed reluctant to testify. in fact he's being forced to testify by subpoena tomorrow. it's news like this that makes the american people wonder what is exactly going on in washington. according to a brand-new fox news poll, 60% of people say there might be a coverup in the works. victoria tensing was the deputy assistant attorney general for ronald reagan. she and her husband have represented some of the whistle-blowers in the benghazi case. she joins us live from d.c.
6:47 am
good morning to you. this review board put together an assessment of what happened and the white house said that it was led by two men of unimpeachable expertise and credibility. but you have a problem with the way it was done because you say it's absolutely incomplete. >> it was supposed to be the end all and be all and every reporter was supposed to shut up when it was a.r.b. reports but it was shoddily done. mr. pickering didn't have investigative experience and it's shown by how they carried out this investigation. first they didn't interview hillary clinton. how could you do that? you didn't interview the secretary of state? there were other witnesses who weren't interviewed. then when mr. pickering was asked to be interviewed
6:48 am
twice by the a.r.b., they didn't interview him. they didn't have a stepbstenogr. they didn't let my client read what the note-taker put down. they didn't let him look at a draft report. if they had, he would have caught a false statement in there. wonder why they didn't let him read the false report -- the statement. he said that the reason the ambassador went to benghazi was at hillary's direction because she wanted a permanent post and she gave him that request on the day he was sworn in as ambassador. he told that to mr. pickering and said pickering visibly flinched. let me tell what you mr. pickering put into the report. the board found that ambassador stevens made the decision to travel to
6:49 am
benghazi independently of washington. absolute false statement. he's got some explaining to do. >>steve: he certainly does. i understand later today as soon as you leave the offi, you're going -- the bureau, you're goingo go to the office. and this is breaking news. what are you about to do? >> i'm going to ask the state department i.g. to launch an investigation of those so-called state department personnel who are whispering malicious and false statements to journalists about my client, mr. hicks, in order to get them to write the story about him. it's a criminal offense to interfere with a federal employee's right to bring information to congress. they're not only trying to punish mr. hicks but they're trying to intimidate other people from coming forward. you know where they should start? in the press office. start that investigation in the state department press office where they have already made false statements about me publicly. >>steve: you heard it here first, victoria
6:50 am
toensing. thanks for joining us live. it is now 11 minutes before the hour. don't let your kids get buried in student debt. up next, an advice from a graduate who paid off her debt in one year. her advice is priceless and it's coming up. have you seen this? >> bless your little bitty heart. >>steve: the moment a woman finds her missing dog. and there's even more to that story. "fox & friends" live from new york city and oklahoma next. >> oh, oh, oh oh. [ male announcer ] someone said that it couldn't be done. but he with a chuckle replied that maybe it couldn't, but he would be one who wouldn't say so till he tried. ♪ somebody scoffed, "oh, you'll never do that."
6:51 am
"at least no one has ever done it." but he took off his coat and he took off his hat, and the first thing we knew he'd begun it. there are thousands to tell you it cannot be done, there are thousands to prophesy failure. there are thousands to point out to you one by one, the dangers that wait to assail you. but just buckle in with a bit of a grin, just take off your coat and go to it. just start to sing as you tackle the thing that "cannot be done," and you'll do it. [ engine revs ] ♪
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6:54 am
it's graduation season. we got to get you some advice. not only are today's graduates walking off the stage with a diploma in their hand, they're also leaving in many cases with a mountain of debt. for the average american student, $24,000. christine wong paid off her double-digit debt in one year. student loans out the window. what's the trick to making this a reality? >> i moved back in with my parents, i sacrificed a lot. i was a broke student when i was in college. >> and you hated that idea, right? >> of course. when i got a job in the real world, i still lived like a real college student. >> you graduated with how much debt? >> $12,000. not as much as the average
6:55 am
amount. >> paying about $160 a month? >> yeah. >> the minimum? >> they determined over the 12-year period was 160. i said i can't go that long so let's speed it up. >> the 26-year-oldes just leaving medical school, number one, avoid the lavish lifestyle. a lot of your friends were going on vacation. i wanted to be free. >> i wanted to be completely free and not thinking about i'm going on this nice vacation but i also have this huge amount of debt that i owe. >> so you said no vacation but you went to europe right after. don't have mad money. what do you mean? >> like when you great bonus at work or a pay increase or a raise. i got a job where i was getting paid double from my first job and i still kept the same lifestyle. any time i got like extra cash or anything, it all went to my student loans. >> pay attention to details.
6:56 am
in what respect? >> i had to call the lender. when i would pay more that owed, they would apply it to the interest instead of the principal. i discovered this isn't getting paid off as quickly as i thought. i had to call them and figure out what was going on. you have to read the fine print and know the details. >> so you showed all this discipline. you said mom, dad, i want to stay here. and you were paid off in one year? >> one year. i was able to find a job very quickly and my parents didn't charge me rent. >> something tells me you wouldn't have trouble finding a job if you have the discipline to pay off your student loans in a year. hopefully we relieved some stress for some 23-year-olds just graduating. >> great. thank you so much. >> the department of justice targeting our own james rosen.
6:57 am
what should he do? advice from rudy giuliani, who used to be a prosecutor. and he's helping veterans get back to work. superstar gavin degrau is is here. he brought his piano. ♪ i don't want to be anything other than what i've been trying to be ♪ over any other carrier? many choose us because we have the largest 4glte network. others, because of our reputation for reliability. or maybe it's because we've received jd power and associates' customer service award 4x in a row. in the end, there are countless reasons. but one choi.
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7:00 am
good morning, everybody. it's wednesday, may 22nd. the tornado was more powerful than the bomb dropped at hiroshima. >> and have you seen this? >> baby, bless your itty bitty
7:01 am
heart. help me. >> more about the woman who found your dog, as you're about to see, right in that rubble. >> wonderful. plus the department of justice versus fox news. how journalists just doing their job have become the target of the administration. "fox and friends," hour two for wednesday starts right now. >> 600 times more powerful than the atomic bomb that leveled hiroshima. that's what the experts are saying the monster form mother nature whipped up, now being called an ef-5 with wind speeds up to 220 miles per hour. and a mother reuniting with her
7:02 am
son outside briarwood school. get out the tissues. so many people wondering why did the schools, including plaza towers, not have a safe room? we now know it's because the school simply did not have the funds or were the funds tied up from fema? and this morning we're getting a fresh new look at what an f-5 tornado can actually do. for that we turn to anna. >> reporter: good morning. this is what an ef-5 tornado can do. you see this damage, you just have to gasp. it looks more like a junk yard. it's as far as can you see, all the way to the highway. take a look at this. it's a car stuffed with you see insulation here, some type of street sign or post that has come through here literally like a spear. does this look like a car to
7:03 am
you? it doesn't really to me. check out this, this is a streetlight that has literally toppled over. this is kind of a tornado stew, if you will, and victims' belongings as well. this is their life and they've had such a hard time. the streets signs down, that's causing extra issues for emergency folks. as they start to sift through the rubble. they're trying to find street signs. where are they? the landmarks have been completely pancaked as well so they're having to rely on their smartphones, rely on gps devices. let's take a listen to some of the victims. >> this is my hometown and this is where i was born and raised. now there's nothing left. >> when you turn into my neighborhood, it looks like a war zone, like an atomic bomb went off. >> reporter: as first responders are coming and sifting through the damaged homes and cars, they're putting markings on there like this, so that you see that nobody is inside.
7:04 am
we're hearing from the fire chief of moore that nobody is expected to be pulled out, no survivors and no dead bodies from any of these damaged homes. they say they've searched all of them at least one time through, in some cases two and three times and they don't expect to pull anybody out. they've set up disaster recovery sentence for food and water and blankets. most importantly, it's the information they need as well. >> okay, thanks much. >> i understand there are a lot of pets because so many houses have been demolished. there's a lot of pets roaming free. there's an organization we'll tell you about party on to figure out who do these animals belong to and the central location where they're clearing out the pets to figure out who they belong to is the home depot. >> she said she would rather die
7:05 am
than spend the rest of her life in prison but now jodi arias is trying to convince the jury to spare her life from prison. she explains why. >> when my mother visited me the following week, she reiterated that point, not to lose hope, please don't give up, please don't give up. the way she said it made me realize how much it would hurt them if anything happened to me. >> she said she would donate her hair, teach prisoners how to read. she held up a survivor t-shirt and said all sales would go to help victims of abuse. >> and u.s. officials confirming to fox news that there are 18 suspected wanted for the
7:06 am
benghazi attack. meantime, an attorney for one of the whistleblowers fighting back against retaliation. >> i'm going to ask the state departme i.g. to issue a -- it's a criminal offense to interfere with any federal employee's right to bring information to congress. >> the attacks of course left four americans dead. >> new overnight, he resigned in disgrace after sending explicit photos of himself to women on line. anthony weiner officially entering the race now for new york city city mayor. >> i made some big mistakes and i know i let a lot of people down but i also learned some tough lessons. i'm running for mayor because
7:07 am
i've been fighting for the middle class my whole life. >> weiner begins his ad by focusing on his wife and young child. >> the feud between golfer tiger woods and sergio garcia. it himself a new low. he was asked hosting hmm for n dinn dinner, this is him not me, "we will have him around every night, we'll serve fried chicken. >> yeah, they don't like each other, which makes the tournament more salable but i think that statement is -- >> you know what happened to fuzzy zeller, though. he made similar statements and
7:08 am
he was pretty much done after that. >> let's talk about james rosen, our washington chief correspondent here at fox news. turns out the department of justice went after james back in 2009. >> you have to factor in, too, william lajenesse pretty fast and furious. >> james reported what -- a fellow bit name of stephen kim gave him the information. that's normally where the case would have ended. instead of department of justice went ahead and decided to go ahead and look into james rosen's e-mail, which they did, and also phone record, which they did. >> his personal e-mail, though. not just his work e-mail.
7:09 am
his personal e-mail and possibly his phone conversations, probably his texts and also his parents who live in staten island. >> here's what rudy giuliani would do if he had james rosen as a client. he's a prosecutor, knows the law. >> i can't imagine how you would flame a reporter as an unindicted co-conspirator when all the reporter was doing their was job. the reality is the obligation is on the government employee. they take the oath of office. they're the ones that have the obligation not to leak sensitive or classified information. a report ser is supposed to ask questions. it's the government official that knows the obligation they've had. in all the experience i've had with the justice department, eye never heard as a reporter being named as an unindicted co-conspirator. this is obviously an attempt to pry into his record and fox's record. it's no differe than what the
7:10 am
irs did in going after the conservative groups. he knows he doesn't like fox, everybody in the justice department knew exactly whose bidding they were doing in going after fox. >> there is a double standard. i don't know if you picked this up at home, if you've been following the world or u.s. poli policy. senator mccain said last june why don't we find out who is leaking from the administration. >> but, brian, that doesn't look good. >> but also how the president of the united states personally checks off a kill list before a drone strike at a would-be terror cell. >> that makes him look tough. >> david sanger gets away with both those things. go back four, five, six years. dana priest writes the story unearthing the secret prisons the cia kept amongst our allies to talk to high-value targets. she publishes that story, it blows up our secret prisons and
7:11 am
she gets a pulitzer prize -- i almost said surprise. james rosen gets his parents' lines tapped and she gets a medal. >> so it's a double standard. jinx. let's tell you about another scandal going on on capitol hill today. lois lerner, she was in charge of that unit within the irs that would look into the exempt status, tax exempt status for the 501(c)(4) status. did the buck stop with her? they claimed the buck stopped with her with regard to targeting conservative groups like tea party and patriot groups. it was announced yesterday she was going to plead the fifth. do you have see her lips moving there? that's now how she looks today. she's only going to say i take the fifth so i don't know anything. >> she would know who told the
7:12 am
irs nonprofits tax exempt organization division to do what she did and that's focus on tea party-like organizations. instead of saying that or not saying that and ending up in jail, she takes the fifth. >> everybody is outraged. everybody knows what the irs can do and everybody's afraid of it. second because you now have somebody that will plead the fifth in a court of law, the jury is not supposed to interpret that as identifying something. this isn't a court of law. we aren't a jury. the fact that you have a committee headed by a democrat and a democratic senate who yesterday submitted over 40 questions about the irs scandal and said i have a suspicion there's a lot here we don't know, this thing is going to go on and it could be fatal. >> he says "it could be fatal," i would love to know what he said after that. is he talking about for her or about the administration? >> he didn't say.
7:13 am
the administration does not look good because they keep changing the story. first low-level employees and then the chief of staff knew and then they say the chief of staff told the senior staff. wait a minute, senior staff coordinated with the treasury department on how to calibrate a message. it's not getting any better for them. >> straight ahead, take a good look at this house because in a few seconds, it will be gone. up next, the man who lives here emerges from his shelter from an entirely new world. >> and music superstar gavin degrau is here and he's going to sing for us live. ♪ oh chariot, your golden winds are coming down upon this space ♪ (cat purring)
7:14 am
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take a good look at that house because in a couple of seconds, it's going to be gone. an oklahoma father shot this video as he and his family rushed into their underground bunker in moore, oklahoma. moments later they emerged to a horrifying sight, their house gone. >> wow. >> joining us right now is the guy who shot that video, jason
7:18 am
lejay. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> with a tornado that close, a lot of people would be thinking i'm just going to go down to the storm cellar or shelter but you grabbed a camera. why? >> it's one of those things where if you live in oklahoma, tornadoes are something that everybody talks about, it affects your life, you're watching for them on the news all the time. not to mention you're interested in whether you're really in danger or not. hi a good chance to have a good look and kind of see the path. unfortunately the path became very clear that it was headed for my house. >> no kidding. of course we know what happened to your house but at this point in the video where there's a funnel cloud approaching, you weren't scared. >> i wasn't scared because i was extremely prepared. oklahomans are really good about
7:19 am
the tornado preparedness. they teach it in school. my wife was prepared in our cellar, everything was in order, i was home luckily in the middle of a workday. so it was the best case scenario for what actually happened. >> what happened was your house was completely destroyed. but when you were in the storm cellar, what did you hear? >> well, you always hear what sounds like a train coming or jet. it became an all-encompassing sound. the pressure was so great, it hard to identify what the sound was. i can tell you when it left, it became extremely calm and extremely quiet very, very quickly. >> so you heard that and it sounded like a locomotive but you didn't expect to see what you saw when you opened the door, did you? >> no, i expected it to be bad and i expected our house to be
7:20 am
damaged but whenever i saw the tornado approaching the house, it just didn't seem that big. it obviously exploded right before it got to my house because the damage path was really wide. >> i know it early but do you have a plan? are you going to rebuild? >> that's a good question. that's withone of the first thi that you do when you come out is logistically what do i with no vehicles or no house? we don't know whether to rebuild it there or what else. >> i know if you rebuild, it will have a storm cellar, just like the last one did. >> my wife will require it. >> thank you for joining us from moore. good luck to you. >> thank you. appreciate it. >> meanwhile, straight ahead, take a good look at this video.
7:21 am
some people say it means the hope can perform an exorcism. is that what he's doing there? the vatican responds. then your kid just graduated, no what? how long should they live at your house? what about grad school if that is a possibility? financial guru dave ramsey coming up next live from new york city. pain relief without the shock of ice. any y weekend hohotel stay,, anywywhere, whenen you bookk a hohotwire hot t rate. the e great weekekend ♪
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7:24 am
iran president ahmadinejad denouncing an election council's decision to disqualifies his top aide from an upcoming presidential in iran. it's a blow to his hopes to have a loyalist succeed him. he can't run again because of term limits.
7:25 am
>> and the vatican denying claims that the pope performed an exorcism. the man slumped his chair when how much touched by the pope. >> over to you. >> you just graduated from college, you have the whole world ahead of you. but the world can be a scary place for young graduates and even their parents. >> dave ramsey joins us live to answer e-mails from recent graduates. it's a tough one to tackle. good morning, dave. >> good morning, guys. >> in connecticut, jackie has this question: "i haven't been able to land a job, i've thought about going to grad school for my masters in education but my hesitation is that i'd be adding to my student loans which are already at $32,000.
7:26 am
what do you think? >> postgraduate work is a great idea in a lot of cases and there's nothing wrong with at that but i don't think that's your situation. i think you're escaping the world to go and hide. i at this you have to go find a job. >> okay. "my daughter is living with us for the summer because she has been able to find a job. my wife and i can't agree on how long to stay. >> all of us want our homes to be a safety net, we don't want it to be a hammock. so we have to have an exit date. i don't care if it's three months or three years but there has to be a date agreed on. give her a chance to get her her under her and have her leave the nest. >> from diana, "i graduated with a great job and i don't have
7:27 am
loans to pay back. i'd like to buy a condo instead of paying rent but my parents are saying it bad idea. what do you think? >> i agree with your parents. the first year after college is like the biggest transition of your life. >> jesse in texas: "i am graduating with a student loan debt but desperately need a new car. i wanted to use my graduation money. i received more than $5,000 from my generous family and friends. can i, dave ramsey? >> you can, it's a free country. i wouldn't. desperately needs a new car means you probably already have
7:28 am
a car. i wouldn't. >> is college worth it? >> absolutely, if you select the correct field of study. getting a degree in polka marketing is not the choice. >> thank, dave ramsey. straight ahead, it the video everyone is talking about. the woman who thought she lost everything finds her dog alive in the rubble. >> it's an amazing piece of video. and he's helping veterans get back to work one song at a time. music superstar gavin degraw is here. ♪ and finally i'm forced to face the truth ♪ no matter what you say i'm not over you ♪ k9 aantix ii not only kills fleas and ticks,
7:29 am
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if you have bleeding in the stomach or intestine, or had an asthma attack, hives, other allergies to aspirin, nsaids or sulfonamides. get help right away if you have swelling of the face or throat, or trouble breathing. tell your doctor your medical history. and find an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. this is my hometown. this is where i was born and raised and now there's nothing left. my best friend was in that day care with my god daughter and i'm really glad she made it out. >> i saw the shop. it's gone. i've got customers here and their home is gone.
7:33 am
>> this was my grandparents home. they built it and lived here for a long time. i moved in when my daughter was a baby and we will rebuild here. >> i got more than i thought i would get. i'm very grateful my puppies and best friend are alive. >> live pictures from moore, k oklahoma, where as can you see, they have a big friend to figure out what to do next. and joining us is gavin degraw, who has performed in former relief disasters, right, including sandy? >> including sandy. the beauty of the american people is people really identify with each other. >> people are reaching out to help right away. you have heard of any concert organization that would benefit the victims there?
7:34 am
>> i haven't heard yet about what's being done from within the music community. >> you know what, toby keefe is trying to to pull together a great big benefit for the survivors. >> that's the reason that toby is who he is. he pays attention for what's going on in the country, he goes overseas and plays for the troops. >> that particular town is his hometown. he currently lives in norman, oklahoma, but his sister lives there as well. >> you know something about helping our veterans as well. >> sure. >> tell us what you're up to now. >> the most recent thing was a campaign that focused on "got your 6." there's a bit of a disconnect with the public and its
7:35 am
servicemen and women. it's a beautiful campaign that helps sort of bridge the gap between the civilian public and the military family and bringing in those leadership skills and reintegrating into the market. >> got your 6 means? >> it's military for i got your back, i got your back. >> and we got your clip. >> we got your clip? >> here it is here, gavin degraw. >> now our nation has an opportunity to integrate into assets to our homes. >> do you drink a lot of coffee? >> i drank about eight gallons of coffee. >> how late were you up last night? >> i'm still up. >> the brim of the hat was down yesterday. >> last night i was at the
7:36 am
rangers game. saw an amazing game. wayne gretzky was like right over here. i just wanted some of his good luck. i was like this is amazing. but i had to -- and i don't know how you guys do this every morning but in order to stay up, i literally had to found about eight pounds of folgers this morning. one of the companies that i identify with, they reached out, they have this amazing contest, the winner gets $25,000, who is selected to be the kind of next jingle singer for the campaign. it's a great american brand, looking within, finding this great american talent. >> but it's known for its jingle. >> no matter what they do with the rest of the song, as long as they can jigsaw in the tag line, they're up for the potential grab bag of the money.
7:37 am
>> would you grace us and do that line as gavin degraw would? >> i'm not very good without the piano. >> oh, come on. >> it was like -- ♪ the best part of waking up ♪ then the coffee cup and the steam and all that. >> could we win? >> you could not could. only because of your delicate singing voice. ♪ the best part of waking up >> like pavarotti over here. >> he could potentially win the money. >> i'm not going to attempt to sing but gavin is going to be singing for us in about 25 minutes. >> if you're walk big the green room, be quiet because he'll be
7:38 am
napping. >> meanwhile, the threat is not over yet. it has moved to the northeast. >> the same system that brought severe weather across the center of the country moving eastward. we have that threat in parts of tennessee, northwestern georgia, northeastern alabama up to parts of the interior northeast, upstate new york, buffalo, cleveland, ohio, cincinnati and all the way down into nashville. do you have that threat for strong to severe storms that could produce damaging wind gusts in excess of 60 miles per hour, large hail and isolated tornado. stay alert. if any warnings are issued for your county, seek shelter. part of the reason we are looking for that weather is because of the warm temperatures. do i quickly want to show you the forecast for moore, oklahoma. today a quiet day. thursday and friday, though,
7:39 am
storms return. >> maria, thank you for that update. >> now to a developing story. man shot dead by an fbi agent in orlando. there are reports the suspect could be tied to one of the boston bombing suspects. a friend at the scene says the suspect was friends with ta tamerl tamerl tamerl tamerlan. >> the fbi started following him and started saying what's the connection, what's the connection? >> he was planning to return to chechnya but he cancelled his trip and now he's dead.
7:40 am
what was his connection to the boston bombers? >> and out of all the devastation in oklahoma, a true miracle. look what happens during a live interview. >> and i hollered for my little dog and he didn't answer, didn't come. so i know he's in here somewhere. >> the dog. the dog. hi, puppy. >> oh! oh, oh. >> that is amazing. >> she thought her dog was ripped forever after the twister ripped kathy right under her arms but the dog was trapped under the rubble just steps away from where she was standing. she said she had two prayers, one for her to survive and one for her dog to respond. >> that's amazing. a mysterious injury leaving two dead and five others in the hospitals.
7:41 am
all the cases are in southeast, alabama. the patients were admitted with a fever, cough and shortness of breath. state officials doesn't know what was causing it. preliminary lab tests could be back today. >> that is puzzling. >> coming up, the official at the heart of the irs scandal will stay silent when she testifies today. and fox news reports record secretly swiped. can we even trust the rule of law anymore? hoo-hoo! watch it! [chuckles] anyhoo, 3 million people switched to me last year, saving an average of $475. [sigh] it feels good to help people save... with great discounts like safe driver, multicar, and multipolicy. so call me today. you'll be glad you did. cannonbox! [splash!]
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7:44 am
7:45 am
well, the federal agency fema now on the scene in oklahoma where the clean-up efforts are only beginning from this week's deadly tornadoes. joining me now is seem a's administrator. >> good morning. >> once again you find yourself trying to get help to people who desperately need it. what is the main message you want to get out to people affected by this storm today. where can they get help? >> we have teams on the ground going neighborhood to neighborhood. can you register with fema by calling 1-800-621-fema. because there's such concentrated devastation and not
7:46 am
good communication, cell service is spotty in areas. we have teams today going into neighborhoods and making sure people are getting the help they need. it may be red cross, southern baptist or our programs. but for those folks who didn't have insurance or enough coverage are getting the help they need for the immediate assistance. >> i hope can you explain the difference between how fema can help folks and how that's different from their insurance. i'm reading a lot of reports that a lot of people affected were in rental units, apartment buildings and more than likely did not have insurance. is feel at safety net for them or how does it work? >> we're the safety net. ideally people have insurance because our assistance is very limited. we're not going to make you whole, not going to rebuild your home. if you don't have enough insurance, we have small
7:47 am
business disaster loans. if you have don't have the resources for that, you may qualify for the fema assistance. it is a safety net, designed for the immediate assistance, renters assistance. a lot of renters that don't have insurance, we'll help them but our assistance will be limited. but it's those initial steps we're designed to help with. >> i have to ask you about a report out today that fema was involved in foot dragging $2 million in federal grants for safe rooms that would have been put into 800 homes, specifically in moore, oklahoma. how do you respond to that claim that there was foot dragging going on and those 800 people did not get the safe rooms in time for this disaster? >> well, you know, i've heard the report. we're looking into it. here's what i do know. from past disasters, fema has provided over $57 million to provide grants to build safe
7:48 am
rooms. but the funding is tied to disasters. there hadn't been big disasters in oklahoma and funding was reduced. we know oak okay leads the nation in safe rooms, we're looking into this but, again, it is tied to -- unfortunately the funds are only going to be available after disasters. the state prioritizes those funds and safe rooms in oklahoma. >> apparently it would have given each of those homeowners a $2,500 rebate if they were eligible for it. my last yes is does fema have anything to do about the discussion going on about whether those two schools especially hard hit did not have safe rooms? does fema have anything to do with that or is that simply congress? >> that's probably a discussion about what is required for schools. we'll provide funding for schools that are destroyed or damaged and if the decision is
7:49 am
made to build the safe rooms, we work with engineers. we're in favor of ensuring that that we build in things like safe rooms, provide additional funding for that. but again, it's something that has to are prioritized because there is cost share tied to it. but we encourage safe rooms in homes and schools. our funding is after the disaster. unfortunately we go in afterward, we try to make sure we build back for the nut and build back better. >> is where people need to help. craig fugate, good to see you this morning. >> thank you zplpt irs official at the center of the targeting scandal will stay silent today and fox news record swiped. can we even trust the rule of more anymore? >> and this day in history
7:50 am
"silly love songs" was the number one song by paul mccartney. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle. with three of your daily vegetable servings new honey bunches of oats greek yohere we go.ole grain. honey cornflakes and chunks of greek yogurt. i'm tasting both the yogurt and the honey at the same time. i'm like digging this yogurt thing.
7:51 am
i feel healthy. new honey bunches of oats greek.
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7:53 am
a government big wig saying she'll take the fifth today rather than incriminating herself in the government targeting of conservatives in treat party organizations and can we actually trust our nation's highest law enforcement officers any longer when you combine two stories? first things first. when lois lerner takes the fifth, what does that mean to a man who studies the law? that is built into our constitution. are we wrong to assume guilt? >> if there was a jury, a jury would be told not to assume
7:54 am
guilt but this is a congressional hearing and others have pointed out that we can take away from it what we think. if someone says i want to take the fifth amendment, it means that their testimony may tend to incriminate them, put them in legal jeopardy for a crime they may have committed and so they say i'm taking my constitutional right and i'm not going to do that. so this was allegedly a few rogue people, this was a confusion, this was people in cincinnati, low level. now we're talking about crimes. we talked about crimes last week. we talked about how the irs laws make it a crime to mess with people's returns or their ability to execute tax laws in this country. that's a crime. at the same time we know that the fox news telephone lines and probably phone lines that a lot of us have used in this room today, including you, including me, including steve, including gretchen, including correspondents on the show,
7:55 am
those records have been seized by the federal government. we know james rosen's records have been seized, his parents' records have been seized, we know there have been records seized in the knocks news headquarters in washington and in new york and executives there. so that's in response to fox news reporting on a story a few years ago. >> without our knowledge and a judge would have to approve this, correct? >> i judge would have to approve it but what happened is the federal government told the judge that fox news through james rosen was an aider and abettor and a co-conspirator, not indicted but someone who was a part of a crime, accused him of being part of a crime. >> played to his vanity and ego. >> you know the crime he committed? he was reporting for fox news. we seen it for years, the attacks on fox news, the partnerships with other networks and partnerships with 501(c)(4)s
7:56 am
that were phonies, that were setups, we've seen being taken out of press briefings and being excluded but now for the first time in conjunction with the a.p., we see this broad attack on a news organization by saying we're going to look at your phone records, we're going to look at your e-mails, we don't like the reporting you're doing, we say there's a double standard. we going to allow the irs to go off the rails but at the same time if you do what you're supposed to do under the constitution, we're going to look at your records. >> i know you're not just saying it's a double standard, it not just your opinion because the "new york times" had bigger leak stories that made the administration look good. there was no prosecution, zero follow up. >> this applies to every american. every american relies on a free press. whether you like fox news, whether you hate fox news, they're doing the job. if you disagree with them, don't watch them.
7:57 am
>> folks in oklahoma still coming to grips with the devastation this morning. the governor of that state, mary fallin, will join us at the top of the hour. >> and the suspected fort hood shooter catching in, $275,000 of our money behind bars in his paycheck. that is sickening. the great outdoors... ...and a great deal. thanks to dad. nope eeeeh... oh, guys let's leave the deals to
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8:00 am
good morning, everybody. it's wednesday, may 22nd, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. thank you for spending your very busy morning with us today. the search for survivors in oklahoma continues temperature governor mary fallin will join us live. >> and there are brand new details the justice department also seized personal e-mail and phone records from fox news producers as well. >> the man accused of killing 13
8:01 am
people at fort hood still collecting checks from the military two and a half years later. he's gotten paid $278,000 for shooting our guys. while victims of the attack are being denied their benefits, many no longer in the military. "fox & friends" starts now. good morning, everybody. let's get right to that fox news alert. a man shot dead by an fbi agent in orlando and there are reports now that the suspect is tied to one of the boston bombing suspects. a friend at the scene says the suspect was friends with tamerlan tsarnaev. he said the suspect was being followed and questioned by the fbi since the boston bombings. >> when the bombing happened, he came to me the next day and said i can't believe it, i can't believe they did it. the fbi start following him,
8:02 am
starting to asking him questions, why are you guys like -- what kind of connection do you have with them? they were trying to make a connection between them but there's no connection. there's no connection. i know that for sure. i know this guy for sure. >> i don't know if he knows that for sure. the shooting victim was planning to return to chechnya and cancelled the trip. and how wide does this story go? is it just the two brothers or a bigger ring? >> we have a congressional delegation going over to russia to find out the ties and what they were doing. >> our other top story, 600 times for powerful than the bomb that leveled hiroshima. that's what they're saying. an ef-5 wind speeds of that
8:03 am
twister. and a frantic mother reunited with her son outside briarwood elementary school. so many people are wondering why did the schools, including the plaza tower elementary schools not have a safe room? they say the schools did not have the funds. >> they were older schools, those two schools. no doubt when that school is rebuilt, both will have safe rooms. >> i heard they had up to 80 kids in the bathrooms. >> which is the place that they usually go to. this morning we're getting a fresh new look at what that f-5 tornado can do. for that we turn to anna, who is live on the scene. good morning, again, anna. >> good morning to you, gretchen. you mentioned it looking like a bomb had gone off. that's what this shopping center
8:04 am
looks like. there's so much debris, it looks almost like a junk yard. cars, trucks, suvs sucked up and spit out into twisted metal. you see glass, wood, a random sink here. the smell of gasoline is so potent, you wonder how safe we really are. and the randomness of what we're finding, a bowling ball. a bowling alley was right over there but not anymore. a bill board right over there. the wind ripped off the advertisement and then blew the metal back into a twisted mess there. but really whether you were out shopping, whether you were in the house, whether you were in your business or whether you were in a school, these residents really have been terrorized. >> they were like "everybody in the bathroom." >> they kept yelling.
8:05 am
>> when he said everything run to the bathroom, the roof came off and the side of the walls, they came off, too. >> now, this area where we are, there's so much debris, it's all the way back to the highway. i want you to look at what this shopping sen center used to loo like. y have -- we have a picture of that for you. a typical shopping center. and first responders have been going to all of the damaged homes, we're told by the fire chief here that they've gone to all of those homes at least one time. in some cases they're double and even triple checking them. as for the cars they're putting markings on them saying yes, we've been here, there are no bodies inside. >> anna, thank you very much. you heard her say -- they don't think they're looking for people anymore. they said last night 98% sure that they have found everyone, which is good news because
8:06 am
yesterday we were reporting that 51 people had died and now the official number has dropped to 24 people, 9 of them children. >> apparently the discrepancy was a number of family members were under the impression that bodies had been taken directly to funeral homes. that was not the case. so a number of those presumed dead were counted twice. that's why the number was about twice as big as it currently is. it stands at 24. >> it's the first time in all of these disasters that i can remember such a substantial sway in those presumed dead and is a great mistake to make. it is almost unprecedented because when we came into the show yesterday, we were told essentially get ready for 40 more. it was just a matter of them digging out. not only that it happened but it got downgraded further. >> the sergeant during the show yesterday said i'm not going to put a number now because we're not sure. it turns out that was probably the smartest thing said
8:07 am
throughout the day regarding the story. we now have mary fallin, the governor of oklahoma who has been thrust into the national spotlight since a storm devastated her state. she joins us live. good morning to you, governor. >> good morning. >> so we've heard now that pretty much the rescue search, et cetera, is now over. would you agree with that? and now where do we go from here? >> well, we hope it's over. we want to make double sure that we have recovered everyone, but we feel 98% sure by the people that are on the ground, we've had search and rescue dog, we've had heat imaging equipment that has gone from site to site. this is 17 miles, long and certainly about a mile and a half wide. so it's been a lot of debris. puerto rico here from here we go to the recovery stage. it's remarkable to see how much debris has been moved around,
8:08 am
shifted around, they're making progress. we're dealing with a lot of families that are mourning. we have mental health counseling for them, services to get them shelter and got their fema money and to get insurance coverage and to get medical care. a lot of people have injuries. have i a stepson that's a doctor and he was in the emergency room and he was telling me last night he saw so many of the patients that came through the health sciences center and the type of injuries at that they have. a lot of recovery going on here. >> the adrenaline drops around now and you start to say where do we eat, where do we sleep? do we go back to school? certain communities just don't have a lot of hotel rooms. do you built tent cities? how do you plan on handling? >> no, i think we're in great shape. this is a growing community here. it's actually one of our top communities here in moore, oklahoma and of course in oklahoma city. so we do have a lot of people who are staying with family,
8:09 am
staying with friends. i can't tell you how many people have called up and offered their homes, offered to rent houses, just say i have an extra place to stay. even the university down the street, o.u., lent out their dorms for several monies for peop -- months for people to be able to stay. we had a low number of people in shelters for the size of this storm and the area that it covered. >> it is a gigantic task that you and your state have in front of you. we thank you for dropping by and telling us the latest from moore. good luck. >> u.s. officials confirming there are 18 suspects wanted for the deadly attack in benghazi. a military source say we do have enough information to conduct a military front for the main suspect but the fbi does not have enough evidence to try the suspects in a civilian court under the obama administration's
8:10 am
guidelines. meantime, an attorney for one of the whistleblowers fighting back against retaliation. >> i'm going to ask the state department i.g. to launch an investigation of those so-called state department personnel who are whispering malicious and false statements to journalists about my client, mr. hicks, in order to get them to write a story about them. it's a criminal offense to interfere within the federal employee's right to bring information to congress. >> the attack of course left four americans dead. she said she would rather die than spend the rest of her life in prison. now jodi arias begging for her life. she's trying to convince jury to spare her the death penalty. i don't know how she gives all these interviews but she does. in a brand new one she explains why she wants to live. >> when my mother visited me the following week, she reiterated that point, not to lose hope, please don't give up, please don't give up. the way she said it made me
8:11 am
realize how much it would hurt them if anything happened to me. >> arias told the jury if she lived she'll donate her hair, teach women prisoners how to read, she's going to start a recycling program and see held up a survivor t-shirt saying all sales would help victims of domestic abuse. deliberations start in about an hour. >> and lois lerner is the director of the irs tax exempt division, the unit that unfairly targeted tea party and other conservative groups. she could know more about how pushed the irs to target those groups. that has lawmakers hoping lerner reconsiders taking the fifth. >> she's an important witness and we still hold out hope that she will change her mind. often, as you know, people don't always listen to their attorneys. and in this case she's critical to the conduit between commissioners and other individuals and the actual places where so much was known.
8:12 am
>> robert schulman, the former irs commissioner, would not apologize yesterday for the abuse. and those are your headlines today. >> let's tell you a little bit about james rosen. he was working on a story back in 2009 and the department of justice went after his source. the source wound up pleading not guilty, was indicted and then the department of justice extraordinarily went before a judge and essentially said that jays ro-- james rosen was a criminal. that way the department of justice could monitor his e-mail and many, many phone lines inside fox news. chris baer was on last night and said the white house does hate leakers but likes whistleblowerers. >> you have to remember we were focused on the media because we're media but there are a lot of regular people who are whistleblowers who have had
8:13 am
their lives turned upside down by this administration. so they treat whistleblowers as criminals but then people who leak information like the kill list or osama bin laden are heros because they make president obama look like some super human protector of america. everything is upside down here. >> dave brown here, the "new york times" gave him that best selling book, gave information about our fight on the war against terror. >> and the "new york times" today has an op-ed that says what the white house has done to fox news is wrong, wrong for fox news, wrong for the first amendment. >> coming up on our show, the victims are struggling to pay their medical bills but the fort
8:14 am
hood shooter is still getting his paychecks? >> and coming up, this army wife made an incredible transformation while her husband was in afghanistan. ♪ she's got the look, she's got the look ♪ on every purchase every day. produce delivery. [ bjorn ] just put it on my spark card. [ garth why settle for less? ahh, oh! [ garth ] great businesses deserve limited reward here's your wake up call. [ male announcer ] get the spark business card from capital one and earn unlimited rewards. choose double miles or 2% cash back on every purchase every day. what's in your wallet? [ crows ] now where's the snooze button?
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8:17 am
so if you're wondering if --
8:18 am
was it corporal hasan? >> major. >> he is a psychiatrist going over to haafghanistan but befor he did it, he decided to open up fire inside an infirmary at fort hood. he's shooting people and killing people and would have shot more if not taken down by a cop. he's in a wheelchair. they've had a hard time getting him on trial and prosecuted because they don't have eyewitnesses that said he did it. in the meantime, i was staggered to find out he is still getting a paycheck. >> three and a half years. you know what that totals in taxpayer dollars? $278,000. apparently this is the law until he is convicted he would continue to receive this kind of money. but all these delays. he wanted to have a beard when he was in the courtroom and they went back and forth about whether he had that right. and what about the victims?
8:19 am
we've had countless stories about the victims not being given the medical benefits that many believe they deserve. why? because it's been labelled workplace violence instead of an act of terror. >> the ones that were in the military that got hurt and injured, not just by bullets but even by having ptsd from this day from the incident, they're not receiving the benefits as if they were to be injured in a combat zone or injured in 9/11. so they're out of the army, they pretty much got kicked out of the army, they're having to pay out of pocket for medical care. if it were to be reclassified as a terror attack, they would be entitled to full medical benefits and not have to pay out of pockets and be also entitled to the purple heart award. >> he's considered indigent, which means he gets free legal care. i was talking to an attorney this morning who said why isn't
8:20 am
he paying for that? he's got $278,000 in the bank. why isn't he paying for that? >> why would he be eligible for that? it would also help if we just labeled him a terrorist. probably he wants to be labeled a terrorist. take a look at this video. some say it proves the pope can perform exorcisms. this morning the vatican respond. >> this is no ordinary homecoming. this army wife lost 150 pounds while her husband was in afghanistan. that wasn't the only trick up her sleeve. that couple joins us live next. can hardly wait to meet them. ♪ this is where i come from, we're giving this life everything we got and then some ♪ now's the time to buy during the polaris xp sales event. take your pick of our new limited edition rzrs and get financing as low as 2.99 percent.
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8:23 am
8:24 am
the pentagon wants more than $450 million to maintain and upgrade gitmo. its budget is $250 million for construction and $40 million for fiber optic cable. great. >> and the vatican denying claims that pope frances performed an exorcism on a man in the wheelchair. the man heaved six times, shook and slumped in his chair when the pope touched him. the reverend with the man claims he's possessed by dedemons. and now you know. >> high school sweet hearts misty and army specialist larry schaeffer have been separated for an entire year of their marriage while he was deployed in afghanistan. while misty found out he was coming home, she decided to get rid of something.
8:25 am
150 pounds! this is what she looked like a year ago and this is what she looks like today. good morning to the both of you. >> good morning. >> how fantastic. what a big surprise, misty. first of all, you find out your husband is going to be gone for a year. that's a big bummer. but you decided to take the time to do something for yourself. why? >> well, it's always been a goal to lose weight because i've always struggled with weight throughout my life. and with him not being here, one for the surprise when he came home and, two, for healthier lifestyle and for more energy. and it will be easier with him to lose it when he wasn't here because he likes his ice cream a lot. >> i know the feeling. the husbands always seem to have an easier time with dropping the pounds and eating the ice cream. >> yes. >> but let me ask you this. you decided that you wanted to surprise him.
8:26 am
so you when you were communicating with him and sending photos, what did you do? >> i just sent from shoulders up. he could tell i was losing weight but he had no idea what my body looked like. even at my smallest point in high school it was like 240. so he's never seen me at this weight. >> larry, what did you think? >> i was amazed. at first i was -- i didn't know who she was. i could tell by the face but i was like, okay, where's the rest of my wife i left a year ago? she did a really good job. i'm proud of her. i wouldn't have her change it. she's happy, i'm happy. you know, she's got more energy. before she used to come in from work and go to bed because she was tired. now she'll come in from work and we'll take our daughter and we'll go play or do something. i was shocked.
8:27 am
but i'm happy for her. >> i was shocked actually, misty, to read in the notes that you were worried that he might not like you skinny. >> i know. because he always knew me as big. so i didn't know his reaction. >> well, i'm so -- you look fantastic by the way. >> thanks. >> here's the thing for our viewers to know. misty should be like a super sleight mystery write ar or something because she not only had the weight surprise, what else did you surprise your husband with when he came home? >> a new home. >> a brand new home? >> yeah, we bought a house while he was gone. >> so here we're watching video of you being welcomed home, larry. what did you think about not only seeing your wife and that transformation but a new home. was this always your dream? >> pretty much. we'd been trying for probably three years now to buy a home.
8:28 am
this time, you know, being on the other side of the globe so to speak was pretty much our opportunity to go through and purchase the home. i kind of knew she was doing it because i had to sign some papers being overseas saying that i gave her full responsibility to sign on my behalf. and she went ahead and did it. she told me a little bit about the house, like how much it cost and stuff like that and once she closed, she told me, okay, we're homeowners. and i've seen -- the only pictures i saw of the house were the ones on the realtor's web site. other than that, she really didn't -- >> didn't tell you much. >> she didn't tell me much, yeah. >> and now it's yours. so two major surprises. i like the yellow ribbon on the back of the car there as well. army specialist larry schaeffer and mist eschaeffer, i'm so glad
8:29 am
you're back together starting a new phase of your life in so many new ways. thanks for being our guest. >> thanks. >> and thanks for your service. >> thank you. >> a fox alert overnight in orlando. a man shot by the fbi who may have had a connection with the boston bombing suspects. really? we're live with the breaking details. >> and coming together to honor our troops when they join us live. ♪ ♪ [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle. okay! here you go. good catch! alright, now for the best part. ooh, let's get those in the bowl.
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8:33 am
visit your dealer or to see the new signature series and 1 family tractors. it looked like a war zone. it just looked like bombs had been ignited everywhere. there's a car part in my bedroom, you know. everything's gone. >> this is my home. we're going to rebuild but it's going to take so long. this is moore. we all know each other, we've all lived here forever and now it's just all gone. >> it hasn't really hit me it's all gone but it's really sad i don't know what to do. it's almost like in shock. >> there's no sense in getting angry about it, just clean up, focus and all come together and work as a team and we can get it done. >> a gigantic job.
8:34 am
it's been a couple of days out there in moore, oklahoma that they've done their best to pull together and pick up the pieces. for a while they were still under the threat of severe storms, but those storms have moved to the north and to the east. and maria molina takes a look at where it is now. it's the empire state of new york and it's pennsylvania today, isn't it? >> that's right. we have the same system that's been producing that threat for severe storms and did produce severe storms across parts of the center of the country. it started over the weekend, continued monday and also into tuesday. now we are looking at the storm system possibly bringing in severe weather across parts of pennsylvania, parts of upstate new york and all the way down into sections of tennessee and northern parts of georgia. so a pretty widespread area that could be looking at severe weather. these storms are not going to be as strong as what we've seen over the last couple of days, but they could still bring in that threat for damaging wind gusts in excess of 60 miles an
8:35 am
hour, large hail and if you live in nashville, cincinnati, cleveland, buffalo and burlington, vermont, stay alert if any warnings are issued for your county, seek safety immediately. also we have warm and humid air ahead of this system. temperatures will make it into the 80s very widespread, even in places in new york city 86 degrees for your high temperature. i believe d.c. could see a hi temperatu -- high temperature at 88 degrees. we expecting in moore, oklahoma thursday and friday more storms. hopefully they stay out of the areas. >> newly two years after he resigned from congress because of a sex scandal, anthony weiner now running for mayor of new york city.
8:36 am
he announced his candidacy overnight. >> i made some big mistakes and i know i let a lot of people down but i also learned some tough lessons. i'm running for the mayor because i've been fighting for those struggling to make it my entire life. >> the campaign already goofed. the video went online hours before it was intended to be released. oops. >> a mysterious illness leaving two people dead and doctors are shaking their heads trying to figure this out. five others in the hospital. all the cases are in southeast alabama. they had fever, cough, shortness of breath. some had the flu. state health officials don't know what's causing it. preliminary lab results could be back earlier today. >> sergio garcia was asked about hosting his rival tiger woods for dinner last night. his reply, "we will have him
8:37 am
'round every night, we will serve fried chicken." many say garcia crossed the line. garcia and wood having a war of words after garcia said woods intentioni intenti intentionally distracted him. >> and a woman was waitressing when a guy left her a tip of $1,000 saying on a note "your ticket to italy, enjoy." the woman told him she wanted to go to florence someday because her family was from there. he walked out without saying a word and immediately changed her life. >> every nascar fans looks to charlotte, north carolina for the coca-cola 600. this year they welcome home our troops with a giant pizza party.
8:38 am
with more details is the president of charlotte motor speedway marcus smith, the founder of papa johns, john shatner and two-time daytona winner michael waltrip. marcus, what are you doing this weekend? >> man, we're holding the biggest memorial day celebration on the planet right here. coca-cola 600. we got all of our friends. papa john and michael here heaping to us kick it off. we want to reach out to the troops and their families to have great time with us here. >> and what is papa johns doing? >> we're donating 3,000 pizza. we're going to feed 10,000 of our troops, salute them, tell them thanks and how much we appreciate them protecting our freedom. we have a special for uso, two large two-topping pizzas $22 and
8:39 am
we donate $1 for each pizza that we'll donate to the troops. we'll have a good time with the troops on sunday. feel free to join us. >> fantastic. i'll try to do that. michael, you understand the immediate bond the military seems to have with nascar. can you explain it? >> there's no better patriotic fan base than the nascar fan. we love these guys, we really appreciate you coming out today and joining us. the memorial day celebration in charlotte is a huge celebration. i love what marcus and his staff does here. really thankful to be a part of the celebration. we're also going to put "feed the children" on the roof of our race cars to let the people in moore, oklahoma know our heart is going out to them and hopefully papa johns is going to seasoned some pizzas out and
8:40 am
we're going to raise money for them as well as. >> we saw you here a few months ago and had lunch in the speedway club. we'll have lunch for over 10,000 members of the military and their families. we'll have colonel north there along with willy robinson from duck dynasty. >> i had a great time there. you guys could not have been nicer. michael, if you keep this up, you're going to be more popular than your brother. 'm just warning you. >> well, my brother sets the standard. i just try to sneak in behind him and have a little fun. we appreciate being a part of the fox family. it's so cool to be able to bring the nascar races on fox. millions tune in every weekend. we're blessed to have such a great network partner in nascar. >> year one, it be's been fant c fantastic. thanks so much for doing this. we'll join you over the weekend. >> thanks, man. >> a man shot dead by an fbi agent in orlando, florida. there are reports the suspect is
8:41 am
tied to one of the boston bombing suspects. joining us live from orlando, melissa, what can you tell us? >> this area is right next to universal, the residential area. scene continues to develop now. we we just saw the medical examiner and fbi agents drive in. fbi agents have confirmed to us that late last night they did shoot and kill a suspect that was out here during an investigation. early this morning we spoke with a man named khusen taramov. he says that he and the suspect left chechnya years ago and have lived in the united states. he said years ago his friend lived in boston and was friends with one of the suspects in the
8:42 am
boston bombing. he said they've lost contact and were not as close. he tells us that the suspect that was killed spoke with the boston bombing suspect a month before that bombing took place but it was a casual conversation and that is the last time they had contact. since the boston bombings, we're told fbi agents have been speaking with them and monitoring them. we're told that last night taramov was questioned, as well as the suspect that was killed here. taramov was allowed to leave here. the fbi has not confirmed to us if this scene is connected to the bombings that took place in boston. they have just confirmed that that suspect has been shot and killed. we will keep you updated as this information is released. >> amazing developments there. thanks so much, melissa. >> coming up, a woman locates her lost dog in oklahoma, but there are hundreds of pets still out there with no homes.
8:43 am
what's being done and how you can help coming up next. >> oh, oh.
8:44 am
8:45 am
[ heart beating, monitor beeping ]
8:46 am
woman: what do you mean, homeowners insurance doesn't cover floods? [ heart rate increases ] man: a few inches of water caused all this? [ heart rate increases ] woman #2: but i don't even live near the water. what you don't know about flood insurance may shock you -- including the fact that a preferred risk policy starts as low as $129 a year. for an agent, call the number that appears on your screen. in the wake of the devastating oklahoma tornadoes, one woman found a happy ending in her search for her beloved dog. >> the dog! the dog! >> hi, puppy!
8:47 am
>> oh, oh bassy. oh, oh. >> it was a happy reunion for that woman and her friend, kathy, the name of the dog. hundreds of residents are still searching for their pet. emily is the founder who has been a big part of locating missing animals. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> so many houses absolutely wiped off the slabs. a lot of people were not at home, they were elsewhere. subsequently hundreds of animals have been roaming free there in moore, if they survived. when did you get this idea to put together a web site to try to connect the owners to the pets? >> well, really i got the idea as soon as it happened. we watched this unfolding on tv like everybody else. i knew in a situation like this
8:48 am
people try to come up with what they can individually deal with what their skills are. this is my skill and i'm pretty connected with the animal welfare community, i know a lot of people so i thought we've got to find a way to get people connected back with their pets in the midst of all this chaos. >> we're looking at the digital images of some of the lost pets. the idea is to post a picture of the animal and people who have lost an animal go on the web site to try to make a match, right? >> exactly. or the other way around. if you have lost a pet, can you post a picture there. you may not have a picture of your pet right now if your home has been destroyed but just a description as much as you can, if the pet was wearing identification, you can post it there. we've got volunteers doing this but also just members of the public are going through saying i found a match over on this page, maybe this is your dog. of course there's a lot of postings on facebook and stuff, too. people are going through all these sites and helping match lost pets with found pets. it's really amazing. >> i know it's working to a certain measure.
8:49 am
a lot of people doesn't have electricity, they don't have a computer at this point, they haven't gone online. i understand a lot of people are taking their pets to the home depot. with any luck you'll be able to reunite a lot of animals. go to emily, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. >> that's great. 49 minutes now after the top of the hour. next up on the rundown, gavin degraw performs his song "soldier" dedicated to our nation's hero. let's check in with martha. here show is next. >> darrell issa's committee will question lois lerner. she's expected to take the fifth this morning. we'll be joined bit senate minority leader mitch mcconnell. he says there is growing evidence of a culture of intestimoi intimidation coming down from the white house. what's next in all of this?
8:50 am
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all right, back with us now to perform the hit song "soldier" from his album "sweeter" is multi-platinum artist gavin degraw. he doesn't have his platinum with him but he has his guitar. >> thanks, guys. ♪ nan, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah ♪ where did all the people go, they got scared ♪ i'll get you through it nice
8:54 am
and slow ♪ with the world spinning out of control ♪ afraid i would pay my dues, my get scraped or might get bruised ♪ that's why it's called the moment of truth ♪ but i'll get it, if you need it ♪ i'll search if you don't see it ♪ you're thirsty, i'll be your rain ♪ you get hurt, i'll take your pain ♪ i know you don't believe it, but i said it and i still mean it ♪ when you heard what i told you and you get worried i'll be your soldier ♪ the times get hard, every last moment when you're supposed to charge ♪ worries on the longest yard
8:55 am
people hiding everywhere ♪ trying to be still as a stone but ♪ i'm there if you need it, i'll search if you can't see it ♪ you're thirsty, i'll be your rain ♪ you get hurt, i'll take your pain ♪ i know you don't believe it but i said it and i still mean it ♪ when you heard what i've told you ♪ when you get worried, i'll be your soldier ♪ my aim is so true, i want to show you ♪ i'll try forever, i'm never going to say surrender ♪ i'll get it if you need it, i'll search new can't see it ♪ you're thirsty, i'll be rain,
8:56 am
you get hurt, i'll take your pain ♪ i know you don't believe it but i said and i still mean it ♪ when you heard what i told you, when you get worried, i'll be your soldier ♪ ♪ i'll be your soldier, oh, i'll be your soldier ♪ la la la, la la la ♪ nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah,
8:57 am
nah, nah ♪ >> god bless. 4glte network. others, because of our reputation for reliability. or maybe it's because we've received jd power and associates' customer service award 4x in a row. in the end, there are countless reasons. but one choi.
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